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Support for Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113)

Press Release

Please write to your Members of Congress.


From lead in lipstick ( to shampoo that makes your child bald ( every day Americans find out products they expect to be safe can be dangerous. Yet FDA does not have adequate authority to ensure these products and the chemicals in them are safe nor to pull products off of the shelves when they have been found to be unsafe.   


Please write to your elected officials today, using the advocacy campaign link below, to ask them to support S.1113, legislation that would give the FDA the adequate authority to evaluate safety of cosmetic and personal care product ingredients, require ingredient information and warnings online, report adverse events, and order recalls of cosmetics and personal care products that threaten consumer safety.

Support New Options for Advance Directives in Medicare

Let your voice be heard.

Every American deserves the opportunity to make his or her own health care decisions, but too often, people don't make plans for their medical care in a situation where they cannot speak for themselves.  By making an advance directive a person cannot only make their choices known, but can relieve their loved ones of a difficult choice.  Unfortunately while 70% of persons have thought of their preferences should they be faced with a life-threatening illness or injury, only one in four persons (26.3%) have completed an advance directive.  The number is even lower for Hispanics at 16.7%. 


The Medicare Choices Empowerment and Protection Act would make the process of completing an advance directive easier.  Under the legislation, Medicare beneficiaries would be able to voluntarily create and register an electronic advance directive with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) at any time. Advance directives would be created through, and maintained by outside organizations certified by CMS, and could be modified or terminated at any time by the beneficiary. An advance directive would include any written statement that outlines the kind of treatment and care a beneficiary wants or does not want under certain conditions, and can include identification of a health care proxy. Beneficiaries would also receive a small, one-time incentive for registering an electronic advance directive. 


Your voice is needed to make this legislation law and ensure we all have a voice in our health care decisions, including end of life care.

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